Amber Siberian Husky Kennel


The next litter is planned for the fall of 2013. Join us on facebook or email me to get notified when the next litter becomes avaliable, and to get on our waiting list.

Also if you are interested in getting a puppy from me please check out the Documents section and fill out a puppy form.


Documents | Puppy Form


What you get with your puppy:

CKC registration papers

2yr Health Guaranttee

Breeder support

Deposits: (please read)

Deposits are NOT refundable. So please make sure before placing a deposit on a puppy.

I do not start taking deposits until toward the end of the pregnancy. For deposits placed on puppies before they are born, I do not guarantee sex. So please, take this into consideration before placing a deposit. However, if there are more deposits than puppies then refunds will be offered starting with the bottom of the list up. This is the only exception to the above mentioned policy of none-refundable deposits.

Also I do NOT guaranttee eye color!!! I get a lot of people asking why this is, so I will explain. ALL husky puppies are born with blue eyes. Eye colors normally change around 4-6 weeks of age, but can change as late as 7-9 weeks. For this reason it is hard to predict and so I do not guaranttee. I can give you my best opinion based off of experience (though really my husband is better at spotting brown eyes than me), but I can not guaranttee anything.

(On a side note: Check out Orion, our first puppy to have bi-colored eyes from the first litter; Zahli, who's eye color was a surprise for us and her owner months after she'd left us; and Marlie, our first brown eyed puppy form the second litter. Marlie is not on the Past Puppy page yet, but she is featured in the top slide show on the main page as the puppy in the snow.)


For more pictures of past puppies and parents please visit our facebook page! A link to the page is under Contacts.


Dakota x Terra

Born November 14, 2012
(all sold)

Male #1
SOLD to Treasure
5 wks
Female #1
SOLD to Ian
5 wks
Female #2
SOLD to Drew
5 wks
SOLD to Tana and Justin
5 wks
Female #4
SOLD to Katie
5 wks
Female #5
SOLD to Lindsey
5 wks
SOLD to Patrick
5 wks

Puppy Form:

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from me please fill out the following form.





Do you own or rent your place of residents?


How many people live with you?


Are any of them kids?


If yes how old?


Do you have any other pets?


If yes please tell me about your other pets. (how old, how they get along with new dogs, how you plan to introduce the new puppy)


Have you ever owned a Siberian Husky before?


Have you done your research into the breed?


What are the two main health issues with huskies?


Are huskies guard dogs?


You understand they are energetic dogs, and that they love to dig, chew, and talk.


You understand they will need a lot of your time and attention as puppies to grow up to be good dogs.


What is your gender preference?


What is your color preference?


What is your eye color preference?


You understand that I can not guarentee eye color?


Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form! I will contact you as soon as possible.



PDF file downloads:

Deposite Agreement

Sale Contract

Puppy Information Sheet