Amber Siberian Husky Kennel
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Welcome to the

Amber Siberian Husky Kennel website!


We are a small kennel right now and just getting started. We only have one breeding male and female, but have plans to expand in the next few years to between 4-6 happy healthy huskies.

I'm currently enrolled in Mississippi State University and am in the Graphic Design program. I'm in my final year, which is crunch time. So that, and the fact that I'm in town with a back yard not big enough for a kennel, are the two reasons that I'm unable to expand right now.

These dogs are first and formost my kids! NOT just some dogs I got to breed to make a quick buck. I am NOT in this for the money, that's for sure! I've raised now two litters of huskies and before that thanks to my parents and the fact that I got the chance to grow up on a farm I've also raised a number of litters, from mutts to purebred. I know all about the cost and the unexpected cost that can come with a pregnancy and raising a litter. I'm also not in it to just breed-breed-breed. At most I will only ever have two litters a year at best, and for now only one (that also depends on time, I do not want to neglect neither school nor puppies). I primarly got into breeding because I had so many people wanting a puppy from our two dogs. I also want to work towards getting top of the line representations of the breed. For this I'm willing to take the time to look for the 'perfect' new addition to my breeding program. On top of good comformation I also intentend to breed for good temperment. These are my long term goals for my huskies.

Thankfully, I'm not alone in my endeavors into this new and wonderful life style! My boyfriend of 4+ years, who is now also my fiancée, is also apart of this operation. He is a great help when it comes to dividing responsibilities to keep the dogs happy and healthy. For me my dogs come first! I hope this gives you a little insight as to who I am and where I plan to take this kennel in the future. If you still have questions about the kennel feel free to ask or if you have questions about the Siberian Husky breed check out the Resource or again feel free to contact me.